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Tom Clancy's new novel, dead or alive

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    Originally posted by Super Six 4 View Post
    I'm reading Red Storm Rising which is 725 pages, and will certainly be the longest book I've ever read. Clear and Present Danger held the previous record, being 688 pages. I thought C&PD was pretty interesting, and Red Storm Rising keeps me interested (being that the war changes around in more than a few ways)...the very beginning was intriguing, then was sort of slow, especially since it was all dramatic irony (knowing what the characters didn't know), so there's a bunch of pages of the characters trying to figure out that war's a'comin'...but I didn't mind it too least it didn't give too little info on why the war started.

    Anyways, I'm glad I've read through the reactions here, so I don't check it out and waste time on it.
    Our damned library has 87 digital Clancy books available for check out and I'm determined to get through the entire Jack Ryan series. But, like triggerjockey said
    It took forever to get into it, then, just like that, it was over.

    I just don't get that style of writing unless it's only intended to get us to buy the next book hoping to find out what the hell happened.


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      Clancy hasn't written any of "his" books for years. Check the cover to see who the real ghost writer is.

      The new trend for many established authors is to come up with an idea and hire a ghost writer to write the book, then put their own name on it to sell more copies and take a chunk of the profits without doing the work.

      Two authors started this trend - Clancy and Cussler.
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        Clancy' "OpCenter" series is pretty good, recurring characters, etc who are variously killed off, retired, reassigned etc. and the "Splinter Cell" series which is kind of whiz bang JamesBondish but not too bad. He does both these series in conjunction with some other lesser known authors but all in all they're pretty good reads.
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          Originally posted by skiplc View Post
          I'm about half way through that one now. It's interesting but often hard for me to stick with it. Like you, I just don't see the need for 600 pages of blather to pad the book. A shame Clancy chooses to use 1,000 words when a hundred would do the job.
          Back when they first started, people were like "oooh" over the technical detail, now you can get it all off the internet.

          Me, I get bored reading about how many RPM a nuke sub's drive shaft does, I skip ahead to the personal interation.
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            I agree that some of the more published authors books have gotten fairly dry. I submitted a post about Dale Lowther's book "Near Side of the Precipice" and made a comment on his book at his web page. Got a surprise email from him thanking me about my comments here and on his web page. One of his comments from his email was (this is copied directly from his email):

            "It is my first novel and I wanted to keep it realistic and believable, yet full of tension and unpredictable turns. One thing I don't like about a lot of thrillers these days is there is too much tech and too many almost superheroes that make them too predictable. In todays' world, people die defending our country. The book had to show that stark reality."
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              Thanks for that Chief...ordered a copy.


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                good reads..

                Originally posted by pball View Post

                Can anybody recommend novels with a focus on small unit infantry combat?
                Hey PBall...try reading some of Harold Coyle's books. They're believable, technically correct and feature small unit actions in the midst of larger conflicts. I think you'll like them.
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                  PS it is after 1800 21st May here in AUSTRALIA and despite the prediction of the end of the world by a US clergyman at that time, we are still surfing the net and performing other Activities of Daily Living.[/QUOTE]

                  Heard of a fellow with ultra religious In-laws that hid clothing in the garage and when the time came near left the clothing he was wearing on the floor along with his watch and rings and changed and waited for his in-laws to find what appeared to be a body that had disappeared. LOL


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