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Learning about military bases?

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  • Learning about military bases?

    Hi all!
    I am interested in learning about general modern 'western' military base design, construction and base content, and was wondering if anyone knew of any [cheapish preferably] books on this topic of interest? I've looked on amazon, amongst other places, and haven't had much success in finding any.

    The closest book i found was 'Military Bases: Historical Perspectives, Contemporary Challenges', but it is Ł80, and that is a bit too expensive for me, and also the book is more on base policy than on base design and content.

    Does anyone have any other suggestions? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!


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    Look 'em up one at a time on Wikipedia!

    Failing that, try for US bases. Don't look for a pattern, tho -- I was in nearly 30 years and never found one.
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      Found the information

      Hi, I more or less found the information I was looking for! I was unwittingly limiting my [re]search scope to just books, and forgetting about journal articles and technical reports. I was also not using the right terminology in my searches: 'Base camp' rather than just 'Base'.

      Anyhow, after realising my mistakes, I swiftly found a couple of West Point Military Academy technical reports that I found helpful:

      'Base Camp Design- Site Selection and Facility Layout'


      'A Methodology for Base Camp Site Selection and Facility Layout'

      These are really interesting in that they not only discuss methodology to lay out base camps, but also discuss selecting suitable sites for base camps too, all using a more systems theory approach- exactly what I was interested in.

      I hope others (sad like me) will find this useful/interesting too!


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