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  • Books you need to write?

    Most people have at least one book in them.

    What book would you write?

    I have several, but lack the art to craft them.
    One would be about Elves, Dwarves, Goblins etc with a Poirot twist.
    One would be about a WW2 infantry section from D-Day to VE Day.
    Another would be a King Arthur novel. And another one based on fact.

    A mate of mine wants to do LOTR from the Orcs viewpoint .

    I know you lot can do better than me.

    What book would you write?
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    I'd like to write a book about 'Lucy'.

    If your a dino nut like me, you will recognize the name.

    What might the world have been like, if the dinosaurs had evolved a level of sentience and civilization the equal to us modern humans?
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      I'd like to write a book specifically addressing the revisionism that surrounds Pearl Harbor. I realize that Prange has written one, however, there have been other Roosevelt-maneuvered-us-into-war books since. In my view, these should be exposed for the huge holes.


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        Korea: the unfinished story

        Ever notice that while there many titles about the beginning of the Korean War through Inchon that may exist, there are very few histories about the rest of the war after that.

        And there were so many more Korean War conflicts that American forces were involved in. These need to be written.


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          I've been "working" on a fantasy story for some years now. I put the quotation marks there, because it's all concept and it keeps ever changing. Recently it morphed into a potential space opera.

          I have a few more ideas between steampunk, dark fantasy and space adventure; I just need get off my lazy hindquarters and actually write/edit them.
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            I've been kicking around some ideas.

            A fantasy series that is Middle Earthesq but with epic battles and empires.
            An alternate history novel with Julius Caesar.

            I have some non fiction ideas too.

            A history of the wars of Napoleon III. This would cover Crimea,Soliferno campaign,the various colonial campaigns and the 1870-71 war. I brleive there is a need for such a volume.

            A bio of Field Marshal von Mackensen of WWI fame.
            A bio of General Eichelberger of WWII in the Pacific fame.
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              I've always wanted to further explore how my grandfather's unit (K/3/117 30ID USA) has been under appreciated for their miraculous halt to the German counter-attack at Mortain. The 30th held off an attack by approximately 3 panzer divisions and 2 Infantry divisions with the aid of heavy artillery and heavy tactical air support. The entire 120th Infantry regiment was at one point isolated on Hill 314, at one point with only a single working radio. They soon became isolated enough so as to necessitate supply by air. After more than one day cut off, the only manner in which the batteries for the radios could be recharged was to lay them out in the sun. For this, the regiment received the Presidential Unit Citation, and the rest of the division universal admiration; the division was even nicknamed "Roosevelt's SS" by the German high command.

              This stand subsequently saved what was at the moment the turning right flank of the Normandy breakout and operation COBRA. I have only infrequently heard accounts of it though. Usually along the lines of "and on the 7th the 30th infantry division stopped a German counterattack", when it was in fact a 5 division spearhead, and no small action. It did gain notoriety in the Real-Time Strategy game Company of Heroes though.

              I suppose it's just another one of the many unsung engagements in the Battle of Normandy.

              I haven't the faintest idea as to how to begin though. I have a few regimental histories, but I would love to get my hands on copies of the actual after action reports. It's just a thought on the back burner for now.
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                I've been brainstorming ideas about an alternate history WWII novel from the point of view of a German soldier. Where someone competent (I've yet to decide who), becomes Fuhrer in 1936 after Hitler succumbs to a heart attack.
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                  A few months ago I was working my way through some alternative history books and got an idea similar to Destroyer25 about Hitler buying the farm (during WWI in my case). I envisioned a series of books stretching past a radically different WWII and into modern times and kicked around some vague ideas about how the world would look (India and Spain become dominant figures, for instance)


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                    Biographies of Hermann Francois' (WW1) and Gotthard Heinrici (WW2).
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                      Originally posted by Destroyer25 View Post
                      I've been brainstorming ideas about an alternate history WWII novel from the point of view of a German soldier. Where someone competent (I've yet to decide who), becomes Fuhrer in 1936 after Hitler succumbs to a heart attack.
                      I'm not sure if Rudolph Hess or Herman Goering was #2 in the NSDAP hierarchy. If you make it Goering, this could be interesting, because he had a brain but was nowhere near as doctrinaire as the rest.

                      Anyhow, I want to right a book about King Arthur, explaining why he was a poof and why Mordred joined the Saxons. There are also a horde of books that I could have written better , if I'd had the time


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                        point of view of a german solider during the fall of berlin. a alternate history. where the second world war ends and instead of the us and ussr retreated they head straight into a major conflict.
                        the german fighting for survival in the ravaged streets of berlin....
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                          OK Books I need to write:

                          Defender of the Reich:
                          (Heroic Germans fight Communists, the Allies and even the Nazis to save the Third Reich from destruction)
                          Clique of Thieves
                          In Defense of Livonia
                          Days of Infamy
                          Trial By Fire
                          Rush for Berlin
                          Heroes to History

                          The Fall of Luci (female Devil tries to prevent Noah's flood)

                          The Good Men of Gomorrah (Village militia in a surviving Vandal Kingdom)

                          The Second Life of Captain Kidd (wrongfully accused British privateer sails the Med fighting Muslim slavers and Turks in the early 18th century)

                          Heir of the Empire (son of Constantine XI moves to reforge the Roman Empire in Renaissance Italy)

                          The Trench Lover (Women are introduced in to combat in WWI, changing the world forever, including Adolf Hitler)

                          Private Little Wars (Stories of the Early Cold War as the US begins to build bridge with Germany and Romano-Italy to oppose Communist expansion throughout the world.)

                          And HELL YES I've put a lot of thought into all of this. Now if only I could write the damn things!
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                            I've finished one novel:

                            On the Wings of Fallen Eagles is told from the POV of a young woman from Nebraska, who leaves her parents' semi-Amish farm to become a fighter pilot for a military faction.

                            The novel is basically her memoirs, which tell of each aerial engagement in a fictional war (she ends the war with 372 kills), her flirtation with another pilot (who becomes her husband in the last days of the war), her interaction with various members of the top brass, and her rise in position from a unit member to Commander of Fighters and in rank from 2nd Lieutenant to Field Marshal in the space of six years. It's 704 pages in all.

                            I have two other novels set in the same universe, one from a naval officer's POV (and tentatively titled A Life at Sea) and the other (titled The Order of the Golden Skull) from a military policeman's POV (the latter is much more darker than the other two).

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                              What fictional war? Is is alternate history or a future tale? Beyond that, who's fighting who? In our world, anyone fighting the US for anything large scale kinda signs their own death warrent. Not even India and China together could seriously challenge American military and economic power. Just wonderin...
                              How many Allied tanks it would take to destroy a Maus?
                              275. Because that's how many shells there are in the Maus. Then it could probably crush some more until it ran out of gas. - Surfinbird


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