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Condi Rice - Extraordinary, Ordinary People

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  • Condi Rice - Extraordinary, Ordinary People

    Wow! This is a splendid read! My goodness, I was completely blown away.
    I could not put this book down until I was done. That's very telling as far as how good a book is.
    Condi penned a keeper. She completely exposed herself in this book. I respect her for being so candid.
    She is such an accomplished woman but humble. She is so open about her frailties, her struggles and her doubts, it tore at my heart strings.
    She succeeded against daunting odds. The left were determined to tear her down, but she prevailed.
    How do you raise someone to not only succeed against daunting odds, but to do so with grace and poise?
    How do you raise a person of character, someone who combines authority and confidence with a winsome personal humility? How...indeed...
    Read this book, and decide for yourself. I'm sure all will agree with me.

    Check out Condi's interviews with...yes...Jon Stewart.

    Condi/Daily Show Pt1

    Condi/Daily Show Pt2

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