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    By Alan D. Wing. Ok, maybe I should stop reading this genre as my wife says. But I find it too interesting, and way to plausible. And the author is pretty prescient. He wrote the book in 2005. In the book his America is having really bad economic problems and they just got their 1st black President. The President certainly resembles Obama, but not many in 2005 were assuming that. Had the book been written in 2008 or later, his assumptions would not have been surprising. But in 2005; especially on the economy, he had a pretty good crystal ball. I sure hope that crystal ball isn't nearly as accurate when it comes to his predictions on terrorism!

    This story is one where there has been a long term plot to attack America at home; in our most symbolic places. The terrorists utilized our extremely porous ports and borders to import all needed weapons, explosives, and personnel. Certainly that is plausible. There are hundreds of millions of shipping containers that enter the US, uninspected, every year. There is simply NO way to check more than a token few. The numbers are just too huge. And we know how hard it is to sneak into the US. When you know that over ten million have snuck in, it's not hard to assume a few terrorists also could do it. Ditto our university system. How many students have come to the US from countries that breed terrorists?

    This book assumes a few thousand were sent in like this over a couple of decades. They were trained before coming to the US. Then they were told just to blend in, get jobs, and be perfect little citizens. Nothing too outlandish about that. Each cell was tasked with their general target before coming to the US. Targets like schools, malls, churches, hospitals. And these targets were selected after the terrorists got into the US. Each small cell would have a general mission and would select their target. They then had years to study it and work out their attack plan. Most cells were activated once they saw the attacks begin, they required no explicit communication. It's actually a very clever, simple, lethal way to do things.

    Personally I don't see islamic terrorists showing that kind of patience. Good thing as this kind of attack would be really hard to prevent. Hope I'm not wrong on that. A chilling read no doubt.
    Save America!! Impeach Obama!!

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