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    By Lee Boyland, the 1st in a three part series. Seems like all I've been reading lately are three part books about things in the US going to sh*^.

    This one assumes Bin Laden had a big plan to attack the US and set it in motion around 1989; before AQ popped up on the radar. In this books UBL's guys buy five nukes abandoned by the USSR in their early weapons program. This has been my favorite part so far. It went into great detail on the gun type U235 bomb like the one dropped on Hiroshima. After that any self respecting nuke power wannabe (OK that excludes Iran and Iraq but I did say respecting) went the Pu239 implosion route.

    Since that part, the bulk of the book has followed a muslim US citizen, trained in nuclear physics; as he establishes the infrastructure to place five nukes in the US. Don't be buying real estate in Boston, Chicago, DC, Manhattan, or Atlanta. The last site seems a little out of place to me, but hey; that's artistic license.

    My son accidently read the 2nd book 1st and loved it. I guess the nukes work, DC gets obliterated (wow bad missed emotions here, drop it SI!), and an ass kicking general becomes president. Then I guess it's "goodbye is all she wrote".

    We're ordering the 3rd volume so my wife can pick it up on her trip to the US next month. It seems to be focused on the rebuilding of the US.

    The 1st one is hard to recommend. The nuke stuff was good (the author is a nuclear engineer by training), but way too brief. After that it's two hundred pages of meetings with doctors, architects, builders, lawyers, accountants, etc. as our main character sets up five medical imagining centers as the covers for the bomb locations. And it suffers from that curse of no-house publishing; no editing with an engineer writing Right now I can't really recommend it. Maybe Vol II will change that.
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    OK, I finished it...

    Well I survived the endless business trivia and made it to the end. Which had a new President, Hilda Rodman, addressing pretty much everyone in DC. Which turns out to be a fairly big problem when she finds out that the threat to nuke five US cities was not a typical BS Arab boast. Luckily the Homeland Security Sec got called away at the last minute.

    The method of getting the nukes into the US and hiding them is pretty good. However their going boom seems to have a large strategic hole. The bad guy goes on Al Jizz two hours before B Time and says what is going to happen. Not the exact cities, but five US cities. Prior to this Israel was getting real bad vibes from its neighbors. OK, now Israel is on edge bigtime and an AQ guy says they're nuking five US cities. Well you'd have to think that the Israeli PM would put all their forces, especially any unsubstantiated nuke forces; on the highest possible alert. Then when five US cities do go boom, the PM would just sit there? Or would every major muslim city and military target be a glowing, mushroom covered ember in the next few minutes? Oh well, over looking that...

    At least the Homeland Security Sec, who's 8th in Presidential succession; is a kick ass AF MG.

    But the editing errors. Jeez, give me the stupid book next time! I'll edit it for nothing just to save me the aggravation One particularly annoying error is his reference (and he refers to it dozens of times) to Kirkland AFB in Albuquerque. I may be overly sensitive as this is my home town I grant you. But it's KirTland, with a T, AFB.

    According to my 11yr old, the pace really picks up with Vol 2. We'll see.

    Anybody else read this series?
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      Vol II Behold the Ashen Horse...

      My son was right, the 2nd book was much better. Still a proofreader's nightmare, but the story was good.

      After five nukes go off in the US, well the rules change. "No more Mr. Niceguy" would seem to sum it up nicely.

      A couple of my favorite scenes involve feckless US ambassadors forced to tell direct, unpleasant, decidedly undiplomatic things to foreign leaders. As that is not in the typical ambassador's make-up; they are forced to bring their military attaches who take over if needed. Like when the US says that it is seizing all bank accounts of these muslim countries as well as the personal accounts of the ruling families. Needless to say, the Swiss are not happy with that. After they tell the US ambassador to **** off; the attache steps in and informs them that any bank that doesn't open it's doors in the morning will have them opened with a 750lb bomb. Ahh, to dream...

      As little extras in about an hours' time both the Pakistani nuke problem (courtesy of India) and NK are permanently solved. And not by the UN, which no longer exists.

      A much better read. I was sad to get to the end. I should have Vol III next month. It's more focused on the rebuilding of the US.
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        Wait. The US are threathening to bomb Swiss banks? Or how did that work out. Seems kind of a strech...
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          Yup that was the plotline...

          Originally posted by Karri View Post
          Wait. The US are threathening to bomb Swiss banks? Or how did that work out. Seems kind of a strech...
          The President decides to confiscate all the assets of the islamic states, and their ruling families; aligned against us. So the US sends a couple of 747's full of auditors and FBI agents to oversee the transfers from the Swiss banks.

          The Swiss haughtily refuse. The Marine BG attache then tells them that one way or another the banks doors will open in the morning. And if their is any resistance from the swiss military; they'll lose a city. Such logic gains grudging acceptance and all works just fine.
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            Originally posted by Sino Invasion View Post
            The Swiss haughtily refuse. The Marine BG attache then tells them that one way or another the banks doors will open in the morning. And if their is any resistance from the swiss military; they'll lose a city. Such logic gains grudging acceptance and all works just fine.
            Doesn't make the plausability test for me.
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              I don't know...

              Originally posted by Janos View Post
              Doesn't make the plausability test for me.
              I guess the basic idea is that if the US was really hit badly by terrorists; and nuking five cities would certainly count; then the rules would change. That's a pretty reasonable assumption.

              If you buy that assumption, then all the other stuff flows pretty easily. Our military is vastly more powerful than any other countries. It's just that at present it is very constrained (yeah that'll raise some eyebrows, but it's true).

              But it's all self-imposed constraint. If tomorrow the US told Iran to: "sell us all your oil at $10 a barrel or we destroy your five biggest cities"; what could Iran do? Sure they could howl to the UN, but if the US really chose that course of action; there would be NOTHING that Iran could do about it.

              I believe this is something terrorists overlook about the US, Israel, and India. All three countries have suffered terrorist attacks of varying severity for decades. All three have been relatively restrained in their responses. All three could, in mere minutes; completely obliterate the sources of this terrorism. It's just up to this point the provocation hasn't been sufficient. But the terrorists certainly have no intention of quitting their attacks do they? What are the chances that one day they WILL cross that provocation threshold? Me, I'd say pretty much 100% it will happen within my or my childrens' lifetimes.

              Yes, it's a horrible thought. We're talking millions of civilians killed. Essentially what happened to the bad guys in WWII. But then you have to ask yourself: "How did that turn out for the world?" It's hard not to argue that the utter, total destruction of Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan (accompanied by the coincident deaths of millions of their civilians) fostered in the relatively peaceful, prosperous world that we now enjoy. The total destruction of an enemy's means to wage war and, most importantly; their will to wage war is what winning is all about. We've forgotten that last part since WWII with our increasingly crazy efforts to wage "bloodless" war and stop any noncombatant casualties. Hence no "bad guy" has ever felt like he lost. See NK for Exhibit A on this topic.

              Hope I'm wrong here, but I seriously doubt it. History is way on my side on this one.
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