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Age of Fighting Sail book series.......

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  • Age of Fighting Sail book series.......

    Patrick O'Brian Aubrey series, got them all (20 books) and have read them all!! Number 1 in my "book" series, so far anyways!!

    C.S. Forester's Hornblower series, yep have them all (11 books) and 2nd on my series list.

    After these other series I am working on

    Alexander Kent's Bolitho series, I have the first 5 out of the 26 so far, good series so far!!

    Dudley Pope's Ramage series, I have the first 5 books out of 18 so far, another good and interesting read!!

    Richard Woodman's Nathaniel Drinkwater series, I just got the first 4 books out of 14 on the series. I have just ead the first book and it seems quite different than the others listed above so far, but not to bad.

    Julian Stockwin's Kydd series, I have about 6 of them out of 8 as I remember, read the first two and pretty good so far.

    And finally Dewey Lambdin and the Alen Lewrie series, the first 6 books out of 12 I beleave. I really got into this one, only read the first book, and no not the "racy" scenes either LOL, the pages just flew by as if I was there on the deck of the ship!!

    Cheers, no spoilers on the "other" series I am starting to collect and read please, but comments welcome for those of you into these types of series and charactors.


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    Well I thought some of the Napoleonic Era members would be in the book forum from time to time and perhaps post, but maybe not.

    Cheers, is there anybody out there......?? LOL



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