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  • Author's who state the obvious

    As I watch the Giants-Titans game I'm also reading Marine; The life of Chesty Puller and there's this passage that I consider states the obvious;

    "A mortar shell exploded almost between of Major Rogers and the commander was killed. "There was so little left of him we rolled his remains in a blanket," Sergeant Pennington said. The same blast tore the arms and legs of Zach Cox and he was out of action."

    Duh! No kidding

    Can you guys name other passages that state the obvious?

    Joe Meek
    Stalin at the Tehran Conference "without the miracle of American production the war would have been lost." Maurice Matloff, SPFCW pg 367 "Without American production the United Nations could never have won the war." TIME 12/13/1943

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