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Reading "the other side" and F. Kurowski

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  • Reading "the other side" and F. Kurowski

    Have been reading WWII topics since I was 13 ( a LONG time ago), and as I aged ( not "matured" !) tried to "read the other side" as well

    On "our side" I began with Shirer's Rise and Fall ( who didn't), moved on to Alan Bullock, Ian Kershaw, Desmond Morris, David Bergamini, C.B. Mac Donald, "Men of Company K", Paul Fussell, E B Sledge, William Manchester, Chester Wilmot, Stephen Ambrose, Carlo D'Este, Hirschorn, and Patton, Butcher, Ike and Bradley themselves.

    On the "other";

    Paul Carell first, all of Speer's writings, Count Ciano's diaries, Goebbels diaries, "Guy Sajer" , Galland, and recently F. Kurowski

    Have a well honed BS detector, and under no illusions that every speck of "quoted conversation" is verbatim or even really attributable.

    My question is Franz Kurowski. Have read a few items from him, but am unable to determine "who he is" { a similar problem with Carell and "Guy Sajer" is less vexing given some Google information}. I note that his work is translated, as the two previous authors, but can't determine anything about him / background / "reliability"

    Figured this was the spot to get some opinions { have noted "one or two" {ironic sound} on the site}

    Old Dragon (History major, retired history instructor}

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    I only know bits of German, but if I am reading the German Wiki correctly he served with the paratroopers and Afrika Corps during WWII. He also wrote Children's books.

    Confirmation from a German speaker would help.

    Franz Kurowski (* 17. November 1923 in Dortmund-Hombruch) ist ein deutscher Autor und lebt in Dortmund. Er nahm als Fallschirmjäger im Deutschen Afrikakorps am Zweiten Weltkrieg teil. Seit 1958 betätigt er sich als freier Schriftsteller. Er hat etwa 100 Sachbücher, insbesondere zum Zweiten Weltkrieg, und eine ähnliche Zahl an Jugendbüchern geschrieben.


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