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  • War After Armegeddon...

    I just started this book by Ralph Peters. I can see it's based on his idea that eventually muslim terrorists will provoke the West into horrible, massive retaliation. It starts with his speculation that the US could find itself in the strange position of protecting Europe's muslims from an enraged European populace. I seem to recall his take on this as something like: We tend to take today's pascifist Europe as an unchanging state. However don't forget that these are the folks who spent a thousand years perfecting ethnic cleansing and genocide. If sufficiently scared and/or provoked they will revert to form.

    Should be a good read.
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    Here's my take on it:
    Well, I finally mustered enough time to read it, here are my thoughts (I'll try to avoid spoilers but they might be in there...)

    Objectively speaking, it is an enjoyable read, fairly accurate (only noticed little mistakes here and there, mostly in the theater of operations and I probably notice it only because I live in it...),maybe a ted too much conspiracies in it, but most importantly it DOES make you think, even after finishing it, do we over rely on technology? (I thought so before hand...) how do we deal with extremists that blend into civilians? how do we prevent ourselves from becoming the extremists? etc.

    On a subjective note I have to say I'm disappointed.
    This might not speak to most people, some might even find me a whiner, but I think the representation of the Jews/ex-Israelis (Israeli Exile Forces) was un-called for.

    The IEF appeared in 2 main events (once waiting to be deployed to the war, with the commander asking to be in the tip of the spear to liberate "his" land, similar I'd say to the Free France Army in 1944, second time as they disobeyed orders and were found to be traitors...)and held a very marginal effect on the story, so marginal that I think the story and the author would have benefited more if they weren't represented at all.

    I enjoy reading Mr. Peters' column in the ACG magazine and usually find myself nodding in agreement while doing so (that's one of the main reason I picked the book up in the first place), I do hope it was done innocently.

    As a prologue I'll say that I just bought another of his books ("Wars of Blood and Faith") and also found an article (translated of course) by him in the official magazine for IDF commanders.


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      Read War After Armageddon, was a good read. Would give it a 6 on a scale of 1 to 10.

      Let me know what you think about Wars of Blood and Faith.
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        Sure thing.
        It will take a while though...


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          I just finished it...

          I found it interesting and disturbing. I agree with Peter's belief that radical islam will keep attacking the West. And given that, there's certainly the chance that they will do something like the book outlines. Something so awful, that massive Western retaliation would occur. And realistically; if the West in general (the US in particular) truly wanted the world of islam "totally destroyed"; we are capable and they'd have no defense.

          I also could see something like the extreme Christian rebirth of America. An America that regained it's Christian roots from fear, terror, and a thirst for vengeance could end up at that place. Now that would be really awful.
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            I can't accept Peters initial premise, that America will be involved on behalf of Europe.
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              Originally posted by Mountain Man View Post
              I can't accept Peters initial premise, that America will be involved on behalf of Europe.
              I don't recall it as the case, IIRC the casus belli was Israel, Los-Angeles and Las Vegas being destroyed by nuclear weapons.

              US intervention in Europe was to ensure the safety of Muslim refugees of the European genocide.

              It also happened a few good years before the invasion described in the main story.


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                I agree with Peter's belief that radical islam will keep attacking the West.
                As if the West isn't continously attacking Islam. The old two to tango???


                Poor target selection.
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                  Originally posted by Half Pint John View Post
                  As if the West isn't continously attacking Islam. The old two to tango??

                  Somehow I doubt if Afghanistan would have been attacked if 9/11 didn't happen. And while Iraq wasn't involved in 9/11; the mood after 9/11 made that war more feasible. The 1st Gulf War was a UN mandated one with plenty of Muslim support.

                  What other (in modern times) times has the Wet attacked the world of Islam? On the other hand there have been endless examples of islamic jihadi caused attacks on Western noncombatants. When thousands of Methodists or Baptists or Catholics strap on suicide vests and blow up women and children in Beirut, Damascus, etc. then come talk to me about "two to tango".

                  Face it, there is a certain part of the islamic population that will continue to try to kill ever increasing numbers of Western civilians. That certainly runs the risk of "crossing a line", which no one knows what it is a priori; that could lead to a situation like the book presumes.
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                    Was asked and did write a review for a book club on this book and I can not recommend it to anyone. It is weak on plot, charactors are poorly developed, and action is unlikely. It struck me as being written to meet a deadline and make a buck.
                    Other reviewers suggested this would have been a better book if it was part of a series.


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