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Good spy series for older kids...

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  • Good spy series for older kids...

    I happened to pluck a book at random for my 10yr old son; whilst wandering through a bookstore in HCMC. It looked a little advanced for him; I just figured I'd read it to him.

    It was "The Recruit" by Robert Muchamore. This is the 1st book of thirteen (so far) book series. The premise is that MI6 recruits orphaned kids and trains them up for espionage work.

    My son surprised me by reading the 1st book on his own. He usually needs me to explain a few words or intelligence methods, but it's quite readable for that age up. There is violence in it, though my wife says it isn't that bad. Boy did it affect my son. He's since become an extremely avid reader. He's now on the last book of the series (they're 300 to 400 pages; as well as read a couple of other big, adult action books.

    SI says check it out!
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