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Anyone knows this books?

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  • Anyone knows this books?


    maybe someone can help me out here. On a recent vacation I saw a book at the hotel library. I did not read it because it was number something in a series but it looked interesting. Of course I was to stupid to remember the title.

    Anyway, it was about an US civil war or like a hypothetical story that the south won or they are still fighting. Anyway, there was a B 29 on the cover and the description was talking about North fighting South.  As I said it must be a series.

    Anyone has an idea an also if its a good series or not?
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    Guessing I'd say it was by Harry Turtledove:

    I read one of his- the guns of the south and thought it was O.K but that he'd ripped off Harry Harrison's 'Rebel in Time' . Turtledove has written A LOT of books though, so if you start with the first of them you'll be reading for years.


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      Yeah...I was gonna say, sounds like Harry Turtledove.

      If you like that kind of thing.

      Personally I think he's flogging a dead horse, as far into the future that he's dragging this "hypothetical" conflict, but hey, if he's sellin' books, then more power to 'im...just not my..."cup of tea", if ya know wut I meen.

      BTW...l have read one of his "historical-fiction" novels, 'Give Me Back My Legions', about the last large battle where the Roman Empire was defeated in Germany and lost their power in the territory. It was a good read, and he's a good writer and a decent author.
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        Hi Ghostsoldier- I know EXACTLY what you mean... there's some good ideas in his books but he's stretched the point WAAAAAYYYY to far.

        I do like these alternative future books but the trick is to keep them short and sweet. Some good ones I've read recently were the 'foresight war' by Anthony Williams (two professors of 20th century history- one brit, one German fall back in time to the 1930's and refight WW2 with what they can remember of modern tech and WW2 history) and 1945 by Robert Conroy (Japanese army launches a coup and refuses to surrender so the invasion of Japan has to go ahead).


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          Afraid I back off from those hypothetical yarns, clever in a way I suppose but not for me!
          'By Horse by Tram'.

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