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Fascinating new book: FINDING GRANDDAD’S WAR

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  • Fascinating new book: FINDING GRANDDAD’S WAR

    I am the author of the recently published book Finding Granddad’s War (Ancestry Publishing, 350 pages, ISBN: 1593313217).

    The book is the story of how I tracked down my deceased grandfather’s buddies from WWII and interviewed them about their experiences, including the people of France, Holland and Germany who knew them. Details can be found on or in greater detail at

    One reader said it gave him “a completely new – and more personal – perspective of WWII.” Here’s why:
    • Chronicles the life of an engineering maintenance company in Europe – repairing damaged equipment behind the front and sometimes going to the front to retrieve it.
    • Gritty personal interviews with 32 GIs.
    • Gives details of what these guys were up to in their free time – drinking runs, bar-room brawls, brothels, and bank robberies in Germany (at least two!).
    • Gives details of the experiences of two Jewish GIs and the anti-Semitic harassment they received – not from the Germans, but from their fellow GIs.
    • Gives a brutal narrations of the Roer River Crossing in Germany, where the Allies had to build bridges across the Roer River under enemy fire, and then rebuild them (numerous times) after the Germans blew them up with artillery.
    • Explores how the veterans remember the war – and finally opened up about it and made peace with it after 60 years.
    • Foreword by Flint Whitlock
    • Contains over 100 original photographs from the unit in Europe and the Pacific.
    • Contains interviews with civilians in France, Holland and Germany who remember the GIs, giving a completely different perspective.

    • Part II gives detailed instructions on tracking down your own family member’s war story.

    How to get a copy:
    • Many bookstores have it (especially Borders)
    • You can order it of
    • You can order a signed copy off

    I hope you’ll check it out. Thanks!

    Jeffrey A. Badger, Ph.D.
    Austin, Texas
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    Congradulations and good going Jeff. It looks like you have done an incredible amount of work and research and am glad to see that you have included the whole picture or perspective of their jobs and lives during war.

    I am currently working on just my personal accounting in Vietnam and constantly think of how to translate the boredom confronted in war - and usually think of the letter written by Mister Roberts (Henry Fonda) at the end of the movie. I am sure it would help considerably if I was a writer.

    I hope to have the opportunity to see your book. Steve


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