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  • Looking for a book.

    The book I am chasing is about a few german SS officer's who got out of Germany before the war ended and joined the French Foriegn Leigon. After thier training they were sent to Indo China to fight the Viet Min. And they had a lot of success. I'ts a fantastic book and basically a true story. At the end when the French were beaten these men offered thier sevices to the Americans but were told "thanks but no thanks". Does this ring a bell with any one.I had it that the book was :Sand in the wind" but I now know different. Hope someone can help.

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    This thing I assume:'s_Guard
    Amateurs study tactics, Professionals study logistics.


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      Originally posted by Roadkiller View Post
      Good evening roadkiller. Yes that is the book I've been chasing and have had the the title wrong all this time.Thanks so much for your help. However you sound unimpressed by this book which I take you have read.You may like to tell me why as I am interested.
      Thanks again.
      Bob Mcleod


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        Hi Bob:

        Yes I have read the book.

        If it were published as fiction (where many distributors are now starting to list it) it would not raise my ire quite as much. As an action/adventure war story it is amazing, the action is non-stop and just barely plausible. The nazi apologist rhetoric is annoying window dressing, made a bit less unsavoury if you happened to read it at a time when the "Red Menace" was seen as being everywhere (which is when I read it).

        Please do not read it as serious history, or if you do, be very critical of blindly accepting the author's (although he was supposedly just a transcriber and editor) statements. Don't let impressionable minds read it unless you are prepared to discuss it with them in detail or provide them with 'counterbalancing' material.

        In short, be wary, but just my $0.02
        Amateurs study tactics, Professionals study logistics.


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          Hi Roadkiller,
          Thanks for your reply. I gathered , when I read the wikipedia comments the the general opinion was that it was more fiction than fact. And I also read it whilst serving in Vietnam in 69/70 . So of coarse it read like a real good thing. As you say it was a great read but knowing what I know these days I might look at it differently,at least treat it as a work of fiction. However having said all that I would love to read it again if I can get a copy.
          Thanks for your time
          Cheers and beers BOB MCLEOD


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