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    I need help on finding individual books on the order of battle for the major individual armies involved in World War II. Looking for something like the information on Wikipedia on a very brief and short history of each individual army groups, divisions, their change of command, their achievements or failures, etc. Basically like having Wikipedia cross reference links on a book.

    And namely on the major combatants like :- Germans, Soviets, British, Americans Japanese and Italians

    Thanks, anything will help. I have done some search and usually come up with books that are in many volumes and very very costly. Anything that is more condensed will do too.

    Thanks so much.

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    Have you checked out any of these:


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      Hi Chris,

      I certainly have checked them out but they are really quite scattered and i was hoping of finding them in just one thick volume. Is there anything that is quite handy as a reference? I am not so much into a deep study of it, but just a guide on how i name certain divisions, or corps in strategy games.


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        Have you tried Nafzigers? I have their volume of the French forces in World War 2. The problem you will run into is sheer size of references! The Soviets and Germans are going to be a bit of a problem for you, even for just basic data.

        Some magazines like Strategy and Tactics and Command will also have order of battle data.

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