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Dose anyone remember the comic,s of the 60,s

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  • Dose anyone remember the comic,s of the 60,s

    The Haunted tank that could kill a tiger? or how about Good old Sgt rock and easy company .The one i liked was Gunner and Sarge and pooch,and there was Johnny Cloud Navajo ACE fighter pilot of a P-51.One that i didnt read a lot of was Captain Storm he had a PT BOAT now i wonder if that had anything to do with President Kennedy?. Another thing i think is funny is how in the world could a little M-3 tank knock ot so many tiger tanks and sink a german Sub ,that must of been one bad --- little tank!do any of you recall reading about some of the troops here .And what do you think about the way the story,s were told?

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    Sgt Ken,

    They were pure entertainment. I did not have much background in warfare so much of it seemed plausible. For some reason I remember some poor Marine that climbed up on a Japanese spotter plane's pontoon as it began to take off. Naturally a Japanese Destroyer started shooting at the Marine and never hit either the Marine or the plane. The really big flight of fancy occurred when they overflew the destroyer and the Marine was able to drop TWO grenades down the smokestack into the Destroyer's boilers! One US Marine, sinking a Japanese Destroyer? I guess if he had brought FOUR grenades, they would have tried for a Cruiser?

    There were some REALLY weird plots in those comics....

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      Well that little tank knocked out allmost half the tiger,s the Germans had ,but your right i didnt see anything wrong with a 37 mm blasting a tiger to bits and i though the 88,s on the german tiger tank was a load of crap HAAAAAAAAA,i wonder what the WW 2 guys though reading some of this you know somewhere out there a kids dad picked it up and took a look ,i bet he though the guys writeing this crap should of been with me that day the tiger,s showed up and overran our OP!I liked the Haunted tank the best realy but i did like Gunner and Sarge and pooch.that was great time for me .


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        Still used to read them in the late 70s when I was in the Army. We used to refer to them as "Training Pamphlets".
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