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    Now into the ninth book in the Marius' Mules series, one can see that it will go into the Roman Civil War.still using Caesar's commentaries. The author has highlight the role of the medics and doctors and the role of the engineers in the Roman Army--remains an impressive historical novel series.
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      Just finished reading the July 2019 release of Red Metal by Mark Greaney and Lt Col H. Ripley Rawlings IV USMC.
      Fictional story dealing with the idea of a "first strike" by Russia into Europe as a means of achieving the ultimate goal of securing a rare earth mineral mine in Africa while US carrier strike groups are pulled to guard against a possible attack by Chinese against Taiwan, and NATO is faked into thinking this is a major attack by Russia into Europe. Fast paced writing involving various military factions in Europe and Africa.. Note this is not your typical dirty and or dumb politicians or military leaders type of novel.
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        Too many favorites to chose from, but my preference is for historically based fiction along the lines of the Sharpe series, the Hornblower series, the entire Douglas Reeman series and the like.
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          it's still lord of the Rings. I first read it when I was 18. I had just seen the animated 1978 film at the cinema with my then girlfriend. I knew that the film didn't tell the whole story so I brought the return of the King and read that. But then, after finishing that I had to buy the Fellowship and the Two Towers. I still imagine what it must be like to explore Middle Earth. In fact, I sometimes imagine travelling the lands to help me fall to sleep.
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            Just finished ‘Agent Running in the Field’ the 26th book (I have every one) and I'm afraid, most probably, the last (he's now 88 years old) by master spy novelist John leCarre, best fiction series ever, bar none.
            The master is still at the top of his game in this absolute thriller.
            Fully recommended (plus the other 25.)


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