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The Art of Betrayal: The Secret History of MI6

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  • The Art of Betrayal: The Secret History of MI6

    Just finished reading this. An extremely interesting and frank history of British Intelligence from around 1946 to the the invasion of Iraq.

    It discusses the evolution from a colonial 'old boys club' into a modern agency struggling with increasing legal restrictions and a declining budget in some detail, but the best parts are the discussions of operations, the 'Cambridge 5', Mi6's revenge for the Five, and British Intelligence's responsibilities for the WMD intelligence failures in the invasion of Iraq.

    It continually shows the dangers of intelligence agencies without a developed layer of contacts and human assets in targeted countries.

    Well worth a read.
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    When thinking about all things Brit, they are a close second in notoriety in the art of the wavy dagger. USAF enlisted have mastered the art and have become legendary in so few years...
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      Odd I have a book entitled The Secret History of MI6 but its written by Keith Jeffrey
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        First step in critical judgment is establish the bona fides of the authors: Gordon Corera (AJ's book) is a journalist on intelligence and security; Keith Jeffrey (MarkV's book) is a professor of British History at Queen's University.

        Step two--evaluate the sources and references. You chaps have the books.
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