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What They Didn't Teach You About World War II: Mark Wright

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  • What They Didn't Teach You About World War II: Mark Wright

    Just finished reading this book.

    For folks familiar with WW2 hoping for alternative thoeries or concepts related to WW2, don't bother to pick up this book.

    Overall, IMHO this is a poorly written book. There is no theme, just a hotch potch collection of events. On one hand, the author starts of giving the reader an impression that he is concentrating on the supporting foundations of war, e.g. recruitment, logistics, factories. However, he also talks about weapons, campaigns mid-way. All in a haphazard sort of manner.

    For me the saving grace of this book is the description of some lesser know aspects of the war. I am not sure whether these are true but worth finding out a little more. It could also be that these are lesser known to me only and are in fact well documented elsewhere.

    1. There were crewmen trapped in the Yorktown that could not be rescued
    2. Revolts from the Jewish prisoners in the death camps
    3. The community life in Alamos facility

    OTOH, for someone that is interested in trivia, this may be quite an enjoyable book.

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