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Need Recommendation For books on Vietnam War

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  • Need Recommendation For books on Vietnam War


    I am looking for a book (encyclopedia) that has a good grand overview on the entire Vietnam war, preferably filled with detailed maps, profiles, photographs, and details of every battles and commanders within the conflict. Hope to have some recommendations as i can only find memoirs and the likes or more personal narratives of individuals in my local stores.

    Or anything close to what i hope for...

    PS. The thicker the better

    Thanks a million.

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    Hello Zhiliang and welcome to ACG

    It's gonna be hard to find a book that combines all what you are looking for but I'd recommend two books that complement each other very well, written by Harry G. Summers, one of the best US historians of the war:

    Historical Atlas of the Vietnam War

    The Vietnam War Almanac

    Hope it helps.


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      Hello Boonierat, thank you so much, haha hope to learn a lot from you guys...

      Thank you for your recommendations, appreciate it, i will definitely look into the online stores for a copy of both books.

      Haha, i wished they (DK) would come up with something like this for the Vietnam War. Even though not as detailed on specific battles, but certainly visually beautiful and complete to serve as a reference point where if certain specifics interest, one could always go into specialized books for a closer study.


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        I know what kind of books you are looking for, and I just remembered this one called The Illustrated History of the Vietnam War, I flipped throught the pages of the french edition in a book shop and it looked good for a first approach of the war:

        The Illustrated History of the Vietnam War


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          Hey, looks good from the excerpts shown in amazon, now i have 3 on my shopping list already. Great stuff!

          Do let me know if you remember any others, as i am keen to increase my collection...

          For the Historical Atlas of the Vietnam War which you mentioned earlier, is it like a series of many maps detailing each and every conflict in the Vietnam War? Plus the facts and figures, the tactics used by the opposing commanders, and how the battle turned out?


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            This is a beautiful book on the Vietnam War but very little details and very very general. Nevertheless, the extractable maps, memorabilias may interest some. The illustrations are quite gorgeous...

            Anyone have read this one before? Is it any good?


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              I wouldn't recommend Karnow's book, it is often cited as one of the best about the war but is really a pain in the arse to read


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                We have a thread about books on the Vietnam War in the Vietnam forum you might want to check:


                Also, I'm sure Miss Saigon will show up here soon enough and give you more recommendations


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                  Two good books on Vietnam are We Were Soilders and Bury Us Upside Down
                  The first one is about the battle of Ia Drang in the early years of the US involment and the second is about the Misty pilots, a special outfit of aviators, both very good
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