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  • Book: Blackhawk Down

    While I was sick this past week I had nothing better to do than watch a lot of TV and read. I knocked out the book Blackhawk Down by Mark Bowden and have to say it was a very gripping tale...even though I had seen the movie about 50 times.

    The movie is really a conglomeration of stories and people taken from the book, and other than the overall outcome and main events, the two are actually quite different.

    One of the main things that came across better in the book is how seperated the men on the ground were from the commanders back at base and in the sky. The command structure was pretty shattered and it was up to the guys in the field to move and adapt to the conditions they were facing. Amazingly, the "lost convoy" (led by Tom Sizemore in the movie) passed only a couple blocks by the crash site a few times and some in the column even saw the crash site - but they didn't know that was their destination.

    A major thing I walked away with was how well even isolated pockets of US soldiers were able to survive against a wall of sometimes accurate Somali attacks. Much like the movie, the survivors credit the little Bird pilots with doing much of the heroics by giving the guys on the ground much needed air support. The interaction/sometimes conflict between the Deltas and the Rangers was also explored in more detail in the book and was some of the more interesting controversy during that period.

    It is well worth your time to pick up and read, even if you think you know the story (as I did). It reads fast and fills in a lot of the gaps in the well as some of the aftermath of the engagement.
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