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    Bevin Alexander (Tipping Points, How Hitler Could Have Won World War II, etc.) and Gregory Michno (Witness to War, How the West Was Won) have each published an outstanding new ‘must read’ book. Readers familiar with the authors’ ACG articles have come to expect the very best from these noted historians. Their latest books even exceed those expectations, providing superb, well-written accounts focused on two of America’s 19th century struggles – the Civil War and the Indian Wars. We highly recommend both!

    <span style="FONT-WEIGHT: bold">How the South Could Have Won the Civil War: The Fatal Errors that Led to Confederate Defeat by Bevin Alexander. 2007. Crown ( HC. 321 pages; 18 maps. $25.95

    Acclaimed historian and prolific author, Bevin Alexander, is known for his revealing, insightful examinations of some of history’s... Full Article
    Imagine a ball of iron, the size of the sun. And once a year a tiny sparrow brushes its surface with the tip of its wing. And when that ball of iron, the size of the sun, is worn away to nothing, your punishment will barely have begun.

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