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MacArthur's War: A Novel of the Invasion of Japan

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  • MacArthur's War: A Novel of the Invasion of Japan

    Just finished this book and wondering if anyone else has given it a read through? It is fictional, and suggests that had the US lost at Midway, it is possible that Big Mac might have been more prominent in the conduct of the war in the Pacific, giving the Army rather than the Navy authority over most of the theatre. It also asks the question of what would the US have had to do if forced to invade Japan because of a failed Manhattan Project.

    It's worth a read if you don't mind a slow first half of the book AND if you don't mind a book which paints MacArthur in a very negative light overall. The actual invasion of Japan is interesting, although would have been much better if more time had been given to this rather than a lot of the politics of actually running the Pacific Theatre in the first part.

    Mostly keeps with history in how it plays out but in my mind misses two important historical points - the invasion of the Soviet Union into Manchuria as well as further speculation on what effect nuclear weapons might have had if they had become available AFTER the invasion of Japan had begun. Instead, the book suggests nukes are never created in the first place.
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