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  • Best Starter Books For Each War

    I was wondering if anyone could list a best book for each war that he/she is interested in. Say one book that you would recommend for someone who knew nothing about the particular time period. I give a few examples and let's see what we come up with.

    American Revolution-???

    American Civil War-Shelby Foote's Civil War Trilogy is the best overview of the war and a great place to start.

    WW1-Tough one. Either Martin Gilbert's First World War or Keegan's.

    WW2-William Shirer's Rise and Fall Of The Third Reich. Yeah, it's old and somewhat dated but for a starting point on the subject, it's very good and he does make history read like a novel. Or maybe Perret's There's A War To Be Won. A good primer from the American point of view.


    Gulf War-????

    Now obviously this list skews American but it could be any book. Which book would be a good intro about the 100 Years War? Or the wars of France? Germany? Russia?

    The only thing I ask is that the books be in English.
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    WW1- I'd go with Keegan. Fantastic book!
    WW2- I like the West Point Military History Series. It's a two volume set, (Europe and the Pacific) isn't too slanted, and comes with a great set of maps.

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      Reader's Digest A World at Arms, and also by Reader's Digest WW2 a People's Story, good luck finding better intro literature, it doesn't exist.

      Don Cogdon did the editor job for a series of books called Combat, several for WW2, but also one titled Civil War, and one titled WW1. These are all short works collected together, and make an interesting perspective as well.
      But they are all strictly used book store finds.
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