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In My Sights: The Memoir of a P-40 Ace

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  • In My Sights: The Memoir of a P-40 Ace

    Just read this book

    In My Sights: The Memoir of a P-40 Ace (Hardcover)
    by James B. Morehead

    There are relative few personal accounts of fighting in a P-40. This is a good read. It is very personal and he tells it from the angle what he felt and experienced at THAT time. This is despite the fact the book was written in 1997. some 40+ years after the end of the war.

    In the book, he certainly gave the impression that he thought the P-40 was an inferior fighter. He emphasized it a few times. Nonetheless, using proper tactics and common sense, he still made ace. He explained the tactics clearly for the readers. One might say, "There it is, he has conceded it is tactics and not technology". I guess you can say that in an oblique sort of way. But the way he described the P-40 was defintively negative which is probably a reflection of what he felt at that time. He did not try to apply hindsight to his writing.

    Another interesting point was how he regarded the Japanese during the war and a few years after the war. No minced words, he did not like them. Again the same point as above, he wrote what he felt and experienced, not what he thought what people would like to read.

    But this is NOT a book full of hatred and rhetoric, far from it. It is a story about a flighter pilot, period. Whether it is completely true or not, it is beyond me to judge but it does sound very credible.

    A book in a similar vein will be Samurai! by Saburo Sakai.

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    Thanks for the review CW, sounds like an interesting book!!


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