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  • Great rocket book...

    We spent a day at the Kennedy Space Center which was very enjoyable. I was way into the space program stuff. I still think the Apollo moon missions were the greatest technological feats man has ever achieved.

    In the gift shop I found "Stages to Saturn" by Roger E. Bilstein. It's an in-depth study of the Apollo series rocket motors. It covers their planning, contracting, building, testing, and flights. A true jewel for the tech oriented rocket nut.

    It was written in 1979 and was dedicated to Von Braun who'd died two years earlier. The last forward was written in 2003 and you can see the heavy hand of the PC police all over it. It starts out lamenting that there were no senior women in the program, but names a couple of junior engineers. It then castigates the program over it's claim to have had good race relations. The largest part is to beat up on Von Braun and his Nazi past.

    Ignore that bit and you have an amazing technical book that completely covers these greatest ever flight vehicles. Highly recommended!
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