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  • Downfall

    I have two recommendations:

    The first is 1945 by Robert Conroy. This book takes a look at Operation DOWNFALL and follows the invasion of the Japanese home islands.

    The second is MacArthurs' War by the team that wrotwe Fox On The Rhine. It also follows a myraid of individuals from FDR to Hirohito, pilots to POW's, Maines to Japanese troops through the horrors of Operation DOWNFALL.

    The primary difference is the logic behind the need to invade Japane itself. In 1945, the Japanese refuse to surrender after Hiroshima and Nakasaki, reasoning that they have no more targets left that rate that sort of attack by America, and that they will use Allied POW's as human shields to further dissuade American attacks.

    In MacArthur, the premise begins with a terrible lab accident that destroys a major portion of Los Alamos, leaving America without access to atomic weapons.

    The books are well written, engrossing reads, and appear to be well researched. I highly recommend both of them.
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