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Alamo in the Ardennes

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  • Alamo in the Ardennes

    Just finished Alamo in the Ardennes by John C. McManus.

    A well researched and well written account of the early days of the Battle of the Bulge. It recounts the efforts of the little-recognized units who were caught off guard by the German push from December 15 - 20. Their desperate efforts slowed the assault and cost the Germans material, troops and, more importantly, time.

    Regiments and battalions faced whole divisions and made them pay dearly for every foot they gained. Many units were decimated, like the 110th Infantry Regiment, with 30-45% casualities, killed, wounded or captured.

    The story is liberally salted with accounts of survivors. A worthy salute to unsung heroes.
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    I just ordered Alamo in the Ardennes from The History Book Club. McManus wrote a good article recently in WWII Magazine about a small artillery unit holding off the Germans, buying time for Ike to bring in reinforcements. I don't think I'll be disappointed by this one.


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