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Guests of the Ayatollah - Book Review

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  • Guests of the Ayatollah - Book Review

    Guests of the Ayatollah - Book Review

    This book is important for understanding the mindset of the typical Iranian "revolutionary" - who were almost without exception shown to be as ignorant as they were idealistic.

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    I just started reading this...It's hard to put down.

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      It's a great book, it was hard to put down, and at times I felt like I was really in those hostages' shoes as I absorbed each word that described what they were going through!

      At the end of the book, I was left a bit angry and sad that hostages weren't really compensated for what they endured at the hands of Iranians. They were the first victims of Islamic militant terrorism, and all they got was some medals and praise, that's it. What's even worse is that several American delegations had gone to Iran and were willing to play along with Iran's propangda game, that was despicable and even treasonous.

      I think hostages today deserve better treatment than they were given 30 years ago.

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