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  • Sharpe is back!

    Just finished Sharpe's Fury by Bernard Cornwell and Richard is back where he belongs, in the Peninsula War.

    Richard must foil a murderous priest and Spanish admiral who are blackmailing the British ambassador, Henry Wellesley, in an attempt to break the English-Spanish alliance. And, of course, he and his band of riflemen are in the thick of the battle of Barossa that broke the French seige of Cadiz.

    Sharpe's Fury is up to Cornwell's usual superb standards, well researched and filled with wonderful characters.

    Sgt. Patrick Masterson of the 87th Regiment of Foot captured the eagle of the 8th Ligne Regiment, the first French eagle captured in the Peninsular campaign (sorry to fans of Sharpe's Eagle). He reportedly exclaimed "Bejabbers, boys, I have their cuckoo."
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    I didn't realize Sharpe's Fury was the latest. I've been reading the Sharpe novels in chronological order, so I started with Sharpe's Tiger sometime last year, and I just finished Sharpe's Honor. The next three are on their way from
    --Patrick Carroll

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      I just picked up the first book. Can't wait to work my way through the series.

      He has another excellent trillogy about an archer in the 100 years war. Similar to Sharpe.


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        I watched Sean Bean's marvelous Sharpe series on PBS in the early 90s, bought a couple of books and was immediately hooked.

        The series:
        Sharpe's Tiger
        Sharpe's Triumph
        Sharpe's Fortress
        Sharpe's Trafalgar
        Sharpe's Prey
        Sharpe's Rifles
        Sharpe's Havoc
        Sharpe's Eagle
        Sharpe's Gold
        Sharpe's Escape
        Sharpe's Fury
        Sharpe's Battle
        Sharpe's Company
        Sharpe's Sword
        Sharpe's Enemy
        Sharpe's Honour
        Sharpe's Regiment
        Sharpe's Siege
        Sharpe's Revenge
        Sharpe's Waterloo
        Sharpe's Devil

        I've also read and enjoyed the Grail Quest trilogy
        The Archer's Tale

        and the novel Stonehenge.

        Cornwell is definitely a keeper.
        All questions are valid, all answers are tentative.


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          The Archer's Tale is called Harlequin outside of the US, if anyone is looking for it. The Publisher didn't want those silly Americans to think it was a romance novel.


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            I have Sharpe's Fury on my desk waiting to be read. I first started reading Sharpe in the mid-80s and he never lets you down! This is a wonderful series for fans of military historical fiction. It singlehandedly got me interested in the Napoleonic wars.

            I would also strongly recommend Cornwell's Warlord Chronicles, the trilogy about King Arthur. The first book is "The Winter King". Cornwell sets his trilogy in late 5th century Britain and Arthur is a warlord trying to defeat various Saxon invasions. As always, Cornwell creates a realistic, well researched story. This isn't your typical Arthur story with shining castles and knight in plate! This is Dark Ages Arthur doing his best to hold a kingdom together.


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