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    Looking for some good books on the Roman Empire. Any Suggestions?

    Thank You in advance,


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    A few you may consider:

    Perhaps the best historical novel ever written is Robert Graves' I, Claudius. Its theme is the end of the Roman Republic and the beginning of the Empire and features the rise to power of that most unlikely of emperors, Claudius.

    Edward Gibbons' The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. Gibbons was an eighteenth century genius whose massive research and great writing have created a classic. It's length may be a bit imtimidating but there are numerous abridged versions. Gibbons contends that the reign of Marcus Aurelius was the high point of the Empire and traces its decline from there. Although written 300 years ago it definitely has something to say about the contemporary world. Many dislike this book for its antireligious themes. There is a website that views Gibbons work as sort of a Magic 8 Ball for adults. You pose a question and a random quote is generated. It is indeed a way to expand your thinking about a problem.

    Robert Harris' Imperium. The first of a projected trilogy about the life of Cicero as narrated by his secretary Tyro. This deals with the end of the Republic and the beginning of the Empire. The first novel begins with Cicero's childhood and ends with his first election as counsel.


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      I find Edward Gibbons to be difficult to read. Very long (three volumes!) and English is a bit old-fashioned!

      For the death of the Roman Republic and the birth of the Empire, "Rubicon" by Tom Holland is pretty good.

      I love the Osprey Warrior series for quick reads on equipment and uniforms.

      For a good combination of general history, general info on strategy, tactics and campaigns, as well as brief description of equipment, try this one: Roman Warfare (Smithsonian History of Warfare) (Smithsonian History of Warfare) by Adrian Goldsworthy.
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        Originally posted by DETURK View Post
        Looking for some good books on the Roman Empire...
        Gaius Suetonius Tranquillus "The Twelve Caesars"


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