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    Is anyone here reading COBRA II? I am about 70% done and I am quite impressed with it. It came out about 4-8 weeks ago.

    This is the most detailed and interesting book I ahve read so far on OIF.

    The first third of the book covers in depth the build up and planning for the war. The authors analyze the complex issues that the military and Pentagon wrestled with and the assumptions they made, the analysis and solutions chosen.

    Then it covers in detail the major engagements of the war. There were more than many of us realize. And then it ends with analysis of the post war problems and causes.

    So you get some incredible strategic insights as well as small unit tactical actions.

    A few take aways... war is complicated...and things go crazy wrong...even when they are going fairly well overall. Also there was a heck of a lot more shooting...mainly with the irregular units like Fedayin...than I think most of us realize. There were some very intense battles on the march to Baghdad. Even the famous "Thunder Runs" encoutered heavy duty fire.

    All in all an engaging book...easy to read and very informative.

    The authors also use a lot of material to explain what the Iraqis were thinking and doing based on feedback from captured senior Iraqi military officers.

    The authors seem to have an anti-Rumsfeld disposition going in...but it does not overwhelm the book.

    Well done!
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