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Turtledove's Days of Infamy

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  • Turtledove's Days of Infamy

    I just finished that book by Turtledove, called Days of Infamy, wondering if any one else read it, and if so what they thought of it

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    I have read it. I enjoyed it. It was well written alternative history. Turtledove is good writer who manage to write about war from ordinary peoples point of view and how they see war. In this particular book Turtledove managed to make me dislike japanes and at the same time to pity them.
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      I've read it and I thought I had a thread somewhere about it....
      Can't wait for the next book...
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        I thought the End of the Beginning, or Beginning of the End, whatever the second book is called was already out? Turtledove does has a knack at personalizing his stories, I felt sorry for the two Japanese American children, who felt more American then Japanese. I did enjoy the variation on the Doolittle Raid, that made perfect sense, as I think about it.


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