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    I joined the Military book club a couple of years ago and usually pick up a few titles there. I got a bunch of free books and only had to purchase 4 more. Luckily there were four other books they had that I wanted and in turn actually saved money by signing up for their club. If you live in the states, you have to return the damn card saying that you DO NOT want the current selection, but since I am in Japan, I don't have to return anything.
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      As with most folks, if I'm ordering online, it's usually from Amazon. If I'm going there in person, it's either the aforementioned Half Priced Books or good 'ol Barnes and Noble.
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        Originally posted by Leftie
        you have to return the damn card saying that you DO NOT want the current selection,
        Once you've bought your obligated books you can call them and ask to be removed from the mailing list with the reason that you don't want to be bothered mailing them in anymore. They will suspend that feature and you'll still get the mailings without the hassles. I did that with a Sound and Spirit and we wait until they have buy one get three free to order.
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          I often use this sight to check multiple options but with shipping cost taken into account Amazon is still often the cheapest. It is also great for OOP books. (Note the box at the bottom of page that gives the option of listing costs inclusive of shipping. )

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            If you consider that they rip you off for shipping - ie never combine shipping no matter what ( and just consciously include that in the price of the book: Bargain Book Stores is not too bad - although their retail shops sorta suck -well the one I went to did...

            these guys also sell on Ebay and off of Amazon. - good for computer software self help books -and the odd history book ( like Wadsworth Collections military history series).

            Powells out in (I think) Portland Oregon is pretty good as well (think they list their stuff on Abebooks (which isn't an actual seller -just a site that brings independent sellers together....


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              Here is a blog about the link I gave further up the thread.

              "Letís face it you cannot buy the type of specialised book that we stock at a high street retailer or outlet, in fact many of our books are not available anywhere else in the world. Most of our own publications have been hand picked by Chris Buckland and Col (retd) Terry Cave CBE from important military libraries and archives, this is an on going process with a steady flow of titles being added monthly to our already impressive list. There is no substitute for experience and a feel for what our customers want to read, between Chris and Terry there are more than 100 years of it!
              We also carefully select titles from other publishing houses, these represent the best in international military publishing. And of course do not forget our special price offers where we have seized the opportunity to purchase quantities of selected titles from a range of publishers at some very preferential rates.
              We feel that our range is second to none, and our normal pricing structure offers tremendous value, but with an additional 10% discount we are sure that you will find our books more irresistible than ever. Our facility to spread payments over four or twelve months is still applicable."

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