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  • Where do people shop (links requested)

    Just curious where everyone gets their materials from.

    Amazon and eBay are as cliche as hell, so I will just mention them now and dump them in the already mentioned pile

    I like to shop at a Chapters retail location when I get a chance. This is frequently only when visiting outside of my poorly serviced town though. Advantage of a brick and mortar location is of course a book is a personal thing, and you often have to hold one to know if you really want it.

    I also like to look in on Keith's Hobbyshop in North York (that's northern Toronto for out of towners eh ), for the more exclusive model reference tomes.
    There is also "The World's Biggest Bookstore" (it might just be a name but how would I know hehe) in downtown Toronto.
    But trips to Toronto occur for me like once in a 3 year span if I'm lucky in recent decades hehe.

    Also have been a member of The Military Bookclub (which is mail order so convenient, but you don't get to hold the book first, so you might not like what you order).

    The other day, I was in a Chapters and holy toot, I actually saw 2 books I could have bought if funds were available hehe. Me finding WW2 material I actually require is darned rare as hell.
    Saw this one book on rare photos of the Sherman tank, and man it was a sweet purchase option for my next birthday hehe.

    So, where do YOU get your books?
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    For me used is king!
    I've bought probably half a ton or more of books at these stores over the years......litterally. I've seen stuff I didn't buy thinking nah thats not of interest to me now only to wish a year or two later that I bought it. I drive to Columbus or Cinci every so often and do what I call the book tour and hit all the stores. Sometimes I spend more in gas than books, others I hit the "treasure trove" and come home with a stack. Even with the Dayton store I see new stuff every few weeks.

    Used is king. For new I have purchased quite a few things from Amazon too. I also tend to buy new books (the popular kind) at Sams Club, as it is the best deal in town.
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      Gotta love Amazon, through their french online shop I have access to thousands of US and british books that otherwise I could only dream to find over here, for Vietnam alone they got over 3000 references and their services are top class.


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        I'm with Dennis...Half Price Books is a great store. Every time I walk into one, it's like a kid in a candy store.

        A couple of weeks ago I picked up...Rick Atkinson's The Long Gray Line (Hardcover in new condition) for $8.98 and In the Company of Soldiers (Trade paperback in new condition) for $4.98, Barret Tillman's On Yankee Station (Trade paperback in new condition) for $5.98 and Stephen Hayes' The Connection (Hardcover in used condition) for $9.98.

        Amazon is great too. I also belong to the Military and History Book Club's; however I do most of my shopping at Half Price Books or Amazon.
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          Originally posted by The Doctor
          I'm with Dennis....
          Great minds think alike Dave
          As lord and master of your grill, you will welcome any opportunity to display your grilling prowess.
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   is also a good one for used and new books.

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              I think I ordered from them once. My dad had a book on the Foreign Legion that he misplaced and I found it somewhere.....that name rings familiar.
              As lord and master of your grill, you will welcome any opportunity to display your grilling prowess.
              Mario Batali, 2006


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                Chapters online. I only order online if it saves me money off going to the shop thought. If there is no difference I'll have the store order it. I like to go for a browse and keep the folks employed.
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                  I never order any books from online, but I am planning to order a few books from Amazon when I asked Boon about what the best books to read about Marines in Vietnam and he gave me the list of the books that he recommened to get them that I am hopefully ordering them soon and I just buy books from book stores like Hastings, Barnes and Noble, and mostly other small used books stores in south of Missouri (cheap, but the books were good shape when i got 'em).
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                    I always purchase my books from bookstores,especially one near my residential area which is a chain bookstores whose service personnel would help you wrap up the bookcover for it to last longer if you want.
                    Also go to the commerical area where the stores are larger and thus more variety to choose from,though they dnot provide wrapping services~~
                    I havent done online purchase yet and dont intend to it for books unless i couldnt find it at all in Singapore,which means a long list of the books~~~
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                      A great publisher. Especially if you want toget WW1 memiors.

                      Highly recommended.
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                        I found a new reason to shop at Chapters

                        Ok everyone likely knows there is always a Starbucks in a Chapters location.

                        And Starbucks means coffee. Well first off I don't drink coffee, so I couldn't care less if it sucks (as my buddy says it does ).
                        But the other day I had to kill some time as my buddy was attending to a computer repair call. And eventually you just need to sit down after looking at book after book after book ....

                        Man, I really like their Caramel Apple Cider beverage. Apple cider served with whipped cream and caramel drizzled over the whipped cream. They charge a frickin fortune for it, but man a long hot caramel apple cider sure is nice sitting in a comfy chair while browsing their inventory.

                        You can't do that online hehe
                        Life is change. Built models for decades.
                        Not sure anyone here actually knows the real me.
                        I didn't for a long time either.


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                          Here are a few I use regularly:


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                            Half price books

                            I gotta agree with half price books...very nice.
                            Also believe it or not I found 4 really good books as a set at Sams club.
                            I found the four following books at Sams for less then $20.00.
                            Decision at Normandy..Carlos D'este
                            Enemy at the Gates
                            Rommels War in Africa
                            The Fall of Berlin
                            I thought it was a fantastic deal....


                            Also Borders has a nice selection as well, there prices are high unless you get there member benefits which i did. Once a month you get a coupon for 20-30 % off, then you go crazy.
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                              Originally posted by Aries
                              Just curious where everyone gets their materials from.
                              Enh henh henh henh...

                              At the Gettin Place.

                              Where else?

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