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How many military history books do you own?

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    I think I have around 20 or more of History Books that I had it for several years and I also got rid some of them because it wasn't very much worth to keep it since I have several Stephen E. Ambrose history books that I got rid, but again I decide to keep The Wild Blue.

    I'm planning to buy more soon.


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      Well over a hundred and growing. Most of mine (60%) are WWII books, but I'm always on the lookout for other topics. My wife likes military history too, so I can buy whatever my wallet allows me to without getting in trouble.

      My problem is one of balancing hobbies. I spend quite a bit of time PBEMing Panzer Campaigns, so my reading has fallen off a bit.
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        Man this is depressing - I had over 150 different Ballantines Illustrated .... (actually I got the entire set) - when I first answered this - I realized I had like 30 or more others stacked on my dresser...


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          I have well over a hundred that I inherited, unfortunately I didn't make it back to that relative's place before they got rid of the rest. The distant relative that did own them was in the military (airborne I believe) as a military historian, he had an absolutely huge collection. I made it there once and got a car full of books, but never made it back before they got rid of the rest (I'm guessing they gave them away to a library or something so I won't complain too much).
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            I would say that I currently own roughly 30 military history books(I still have to look though some of my stuff to see if I have any more).


            Originally posted by dannybou
            I am curious. I buy books at the local Chapters Bargain bin and was able to get three more yesterday at 80% off much to my wife's chagrin. So I thought about a poll. Just how many books on military history do you own? Want to know if it is only me or do others have the same "need" to buy ever more books.


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              Dunno. I have maybe two dozen in the shelf, a couple boxes of unread ones in storage that a friend gave me, a grocery bag of naval books in the trunk from a guy at work. I usually give away my books after reading them; drop off at the bank fund raising table, donate to work, put in the coffee shop 'take a book/leave a book' shelf, put in the condo's common room, etc.. Unless I think I will want to reference them sometime. I very rarely read a book twice.

              Most folks I know tend to measure their books in feet per topic. eg: 3 feet of shelf space on Spitfires.
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                I did a quick count. Hm... more like five dozen in the shelves.
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                  I like the feet of shelving approach to counting. I have about 40-50 feet of military books on the shelves. If each one is an inch thick, then that is around 500 books. I have around 3000 books in my total collection with a total weight of about 5-6000 pounds.

                  The movers love me! I was moving into a second story apartment and one of the guys said,
                  "These boxes are heavy as hell, what's in them?"
                  "Books", I replied.
                  "How many more boxes of them do you have?"
                  "Hmmmm, probably about 50 more."
                  "50 boxes, your kidding me!"
                  "Well, your probably right. It must be more like 60 or so...."
                  All I got in return was a look of disbelief.

                  After another 30 trips up the stairs the moving guy was a believer.

                  And no, I don't have a PROBLEM!!!!
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                    I counted up my books 6 years ago before a move, at that time I had over 600.


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                      Hundreds although, much to my delight, my 22 year old daughter has suddenly taken an interest in military history and has been taking them out of my house in stacks every time she visits.
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                        Like most of my fellow posters I collect books and agree 91+ is way too low must have more than that on Great war alone.
                        here's a good bookshop I've used more than once. Also sufficiently boring to download and read US Field manuals.
                        When I win the Lottery I intend to design my own House one room Is going to be a Library/Wargames room planning on an 18ftX6ft table for wargames surrounded by bookshelves mostly for 20th century Military history
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