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    Here's some

    Nazi Victory ,Crete 1941 by David A Thomas
    The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich
    Rommel by Desmond Young
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      My Favorites

      Battle at Best - SLA Marshall wrote in the late 1940s.

      Pork Chop Hill - SLA Marshall wrote in the mid 1950s.

      Night Drop - SLA Marshall Bantam Book (Paperback)

      East of Chosin - Appleman wrote and Texas A&M Press published it

      From the Naktong to the Yalu - Appleman wrote for the US Army series
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        Bowden: Black Hawk Down
        Atkinson: An Army at Dawn
        Beevor: Stalingrad


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          What did you think of An Army at Dawn? I read some bad reviews on it. Seen it at bargain price on the clearance table at the book store.


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            Army at Dawn - I thought it was outstanding.
            It's very thorough and covers interesting political aspects as well as the fighting in detail.
            It's very well written and so is an easy read in spite of its length.
            I would say it is an essential WW2 read.


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              Armageddon the battle for Germany1944-1945 by Max Hastings
              Top notch Literature, I highly recommend it It.


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                Originally posted by foster
                Armageddon the battle for Germany1944-1945 by Max Hastings
                Top notch Literature, I highly recommend it It.
                I can second that!

                I'm trying to think of the books I found 'inspiring' to read:-

                'Decisive Battles of the Western World' - JFC Fuller
                'Defeat Into Victory' - Field Marshal Viscount Slim
                'A Near Run Thing' - David Howarth

                I'm sure there are others but those three spring to mind as being ones I felt compelled to read several times over.
                Signing out.


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                  I had to check to see if this was a WWII forum

                  Principles of war for the information age Leonhard
                  How wars are won Blevin
                  Strategy Hart
                  Patterns of conflict Boyd
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                    Here's my list(not in any order),and might have already mentioned previously:
                    -"Hitler:The Study In Tyranny" by Alan Bullock
                    -"The Art Of Maneuver:Maneuver-Warfare Theory And Airland Battle" by Robert Leonhard
                    -"Achtung Panzer!" by Heinz Guderian
                    -"Napoleon On Generalship And The Art Of Command" by Jay Luvaas
                    -"The History Of Warfare" by John Keegan
                    -"Strategy" by Liddell Hart
                    -"The Rise And Fall Of Great Powers" by Paul Kennedy
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                      The entire series labelled originally There Will Be War by Jerry Pournelle as editor.

                      The first title gives the series it's name, and there is I think 10 or more titles. They begin low tech and work their way through all the way to far reaching space faring cultures.

                      Essentially, the series is the only time I have ever read GOOD scifi where the fiction portion is subservient to having credible real science worked in too.
                      The books also feature actual chapter dividers with actual real world science as it would apply to the books basic major theme.

                      All the material is what you would term "military science fiction".

                      These books are likely only to be found in used locations, as I collected the in the 80s.
                      But in all the time since, I have yet to encounter anything to equal them.
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                        His Excellency: George Washington.

                        An incredible profile of an incredible man.
                        Armchair General Magazine
                        Weider History Group


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                          The Art of War- Sun Tzu
                          History of Warfare- Keegan
                          Berlin: Downfall 1945- Beevor
                          Stalingrad- Beevor
                          Inside Hitler's Bunker- Fest
                          Forgotten Soldier- Guy Sajer
                          Band of Brothers- Ambrose
                          Napoleon- Emil Ludwig
                          Panzer Leader- Guderian
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                            "The Conquest of New Spain" - Bernal Diaz

                            "Flintlock and Tomahawk: New England in King Philip's War" - Douglas E. Leach

                            "The Skulking Way of War: Technology and Tactics among the New England Indians" - Patrick M. Malone

                            "Crucible of War: The Seven Years' War and the Fate of Empire in British North America, 1754-1766" - Fred Anderson

                            "Redcoats: The British Soldier and War in the Americas, 1755-1763" - Stephen Brumwell

                            "Paul Revere's Ride" - David H. Fischer

                            "Washington's Crossing" - David H. Fischer

                            "Saratoga: Turning Point of America's Revolutionary War" - Richard M. Ketchum
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