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    Greetings Guys;

    Recommended books.

    1. Coastal Forces Vol. I
    covers the Fairmile MTB, MGB boats & U.S. Sub Chasers
    John Lambert & Al Ross

    2. Coastal Forces Vol. II
    covers Vosper MTBs & Elco PT boats
    John Lambert & Al Ross

    3. Allied Torpedo Boats
    covers most Torpedo boats
    This book is aimed to the model builder.
    John Lambert

    John Lambert & Al Ross where working on Vol. III of the
    Coastal Forces. This book was to cover the British Power Boats & Higgins
    PT boats.
    Unfortunately John Lambert passed away last year. This book will probity
    not make print.

    I understand that his daughter is working part time on his web site. You can still buy John's ship planes through her.

    4. If you are on a tight budget Squadron has a book on the Vosper MTBs,
    and U.S. PT boats.


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