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Brad Thor books?

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  • Brad Thor books?

    Anyone into Brad Thor books?

    I've never heard of him until someone mentioned his name and how he is similar to Tom Clancy but better.

    I'm going to try out one of his books, the first book in Scot Harvath series, of which I've heard is supposedly a good place to start with.
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    I've read most of the Brad Thor books and they are pretty good.

    I've also read all of the late Vince Flynn's books. If you enjoy the Brad Thor book, you will probably like Vince Flynn's even better.

    There books a very similar. They both center around a special agent who is a virtualy indistructable bad ass.

    The only thing I don't like about Brad Thor's books is he has gotten to be a little too heavy into store lines that border on science fiction.
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      I just finished my first try of his books, it was "The Last Patriot". I thought it was rather good in plot, some good twists, and fairly accurate and well researched. The story line seemed highly plausible to me. I'd recommend this one and will likely try a couple more.


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