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Looking for feedback on history books website

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  • Sergio
    Good effort. Perhaps more books on India, especially Partition.

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  • Jon Jordan
    Wonderful presentation!

    A few you might look into:

    Battles of the Bible (Herzog)

    Dreadnought (Robert Massie)

    Catherine the Great (also Massie)

    Give Me A Fast Ship (McGraw)

    Grant's memoirs

    Benjamin Franklin's Autobiography

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  • logansrun
    My initial reaction is "fantastic!". I love seeing historic books presented in this way, and there are some really good ones in there.

    My only suggestion would be to add more ancient history books in there, it's a little thin.

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  • Looking for feedback on history books website

    Hi all. I'm a web developer from Chicago that loves reading nonfiction. I recently compiled a list of my favorite history books as well as some that come highly recommended. However, I'm not a military history buff, so I was hoping to get some suggestions from this community on any hits/misses I've got in that arena. I've organized my Historic Reads site as a timeline for ease of searching. Thanks in advance to anyone that has a minute to help out!

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