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    I've never read a single Star Wars book. There are so many books and authors its overwhelming. Where does one start? Which are the best books and series? What's the best era? Who is the best author? Are they consistent with the movies? Do any books written about episodes 1-3 before the prequels came out contradict the movies? Will the books written after Episodes 4-6 contradict Episode 7? With so many authors writing books seems like each author's story would differ from another creating annon-cohesive mess.

    Here is a list at my local library:
    A new dawn - Miller, John Jackson
    Abyss - Denning, Troy
    Ascension - Golden, Christie
    Annihilation: a novel of the old Republic - Karpyshyn, Drew
    Conviction - Allston, Aaron
    Crucible - Denning, Troy
    Darth Bane: rule of two - a novel of the Old Republic - Karpyshyn, Drew
    Into the void - Lebbon, Tim
    Jedi eclipse - Luceno, James
    Omen - Golden, Christie
    Order 66 - Traviss, Karen
    Sacrifice - Traviss, Karen
    Star wars: Allegiance - Zahn, Timothy
    Star Wars: choices of one - Zahn, Timothy
    Star wars: dark lord - the rise of Darth Vader - Luceno, James
    Star wars. Darth Vader and the ghost prison - Blackman, W. Haden
    Star Wars episode II. Attack of the clones - Salvatore, R. A.
    Star wars: legacy of the force Betrayal - Allston, Aaron
    Star wars: red harvest - Schreiber, Joe
    Star Wars. Scoundrels - Zahn, Timothy
    Star wars: Shatterpoint - Stover, Matthew Woodring
    Star wars: The approaching storm - Foster, Alan Dean
    Star Wars: the clone wars - Traviss, Karen
    Star Wars: the wrath of Darth Maul - Windham, Ryder
    Star Wars: Tarkin - Luceno, James
    The threat within - Watson, Jude
    The uncertain path - Watson, Jude

    So many books, but I'm sure that there isn't even one series complete from start to finish. Imagine what it would take to combine all adult Star Wars fiction into one volume!
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    I've read a few, Zahn, Karpyshyn, and Luceno consistently write good adult stories. (As in has a plot that's not meant for for kids.)
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      A. D. Foster and T. Zahn are very good writers. Foster's Well World series is wildly original and his Pip and Flinx stories are good fun.
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        Any book that is set after episode 6 is no longer canon. They will not have any effect on episode 7.
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          had no idea there were star wars books! awesome!


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            Years ago one of my friends had the novelizations of The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, and they were really well written. They weren't just scene-for-scene adaptations - there was a lot of "fleshing out" and attention to detail, as well as a few scenes that had been cut from the films. Looks like you can get them online pretty cheaply as well.


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