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    Has anyone read the Generals by Thomas Ricks? I am thinking of purchasing it and am interested in any opinions on it before I do. I have read 2 previous works by Mr.Ricks, Fiasco and The Gamble that I enjoyed. But money is really tight right now and I don't want to waste it if I can find out a little about it.Thanks!!

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    "The Generals" was reviewed on by Rick Baillergeon, one of the authors of our Tactics 101 series. Here's a link:


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      Thank You, Blitzpuppy

      Thanks for the info Blitzpuppy. I read it and think I may indeed get it. Sounds like a interesting read.


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        I listened to the audio version this last year. It had some interesting background on post WW II but lacked substance and focus when presenting the recent crop of general officers. I think it reflects a scarcity of balanced research and evaluation that a longer term perspective will provide. I am not a fan of the current military leadership which is seriously deficient in character which reflects the problems of the promotion system in field grade and above.


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          Thank You

          Thanks for the info Major Mike I appreciate it.


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