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New WW1 ebook:The Red Baron:WW1 Germany Flying Ace.

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  • New WW1 ebook:The Red Baron:WW1 Germany Flying Ace.


    Thank you for supporting my WW1 & WW2 ebooks. You might be interested in my latest WW1 ebook Re: 'The Red Baron:WW1 German Flying Ace,' it is one of a series of ebooks, with maps and photographs, which commemorate the 100th WW1 Anniversary this year.

    "Manfred von Richthofen, was the infamous Red Baron, who stalked the skies in a reign of terror during WW1. He hunted down his prey with military precision; then executed his kill with no mercy. His distinctive red plane struck fear and awe in the hearts of British, French, Canadian & American Aviators; who fought the German eagle in aerial combat dogfights over the battlefields of the Western Front.

    Manfred von Richthofen, the celebrated flying ace of German propaganda, achieved 80 aerial combat victories. He was awarded numerous decorations, including the Iron Cross (1st & 2nd Class) and the Order Pour Le Merite, before he was shot down and killed at the age of 25. Forever immortalised as the legendary Red Baron, his memory lives on into the 21st Century, in this historic year of the 100th Anniversary of WW1."

    If your interested in WW2 aviation see my best selling 'Dam Busters ebook' on the Amazon Site.

    Best Wishes and thanks again for your support.

    Alex Devaney

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