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Hazardous Duty: W.E.B. Griffin ... not what you expect.

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  • Hazardous Duty: W.E.B. Griffin ... not what you expect.

    Well, this was different. Was expecting his normal story line, which it was sort of but really not. This was what one would almost call humorous to sarcastic. He explained it as M*A*S*H Goes to the White House and Langley said readers might even get a few chuckles. Which I certainly did.
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    This was a horrible book!

    I understand what he was trying to do. But it seemed like 95% of the book was trying to deal with an insane president. The last 5% was slapstick not done very well.

    The ending was truly awful and did not tie in with he rest of the book.

    I have read the majority of W.E.B. Griffin's books and liked most of them. But it seems like W.E.B. Griffin's books written with his stepson are going down hill.

    It seems like most of the last few Griffin books spend a majority of the time building up to the action.

    Okay I'll admit it I want more shooting and explosions!
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      I think his son is doing most of the writing now.

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