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  • The biggest disappointment for me with this book is that there is too much info on the Greeks. I've tons of books on the Ancient Greeks and was looking for something with a more Eastern point of view.

    For example of the first three chapters, the first is an excellent overview of how the Persians came to be no 1. However, the second is on Sparta and the 3rd is on Athens. More than half of the first third of the book is about the Greeks.

    Still it is a very good book, balanced, illuminating, informative and interesting. A good 4 stars out of 5 overall, although any serious scholar will have all the info already.

    It is very good value for money and I recommend it .
    How to Talk to a Climate Skeptic:
    Global Warming & Climate Change Myths:


    • I am currently reading the first Manga I ever read, the first ever published Sailor Moon manga(or as they called it back in 1999, comic) by Mixx Entertainment that I ever bought from stores when I was 7 years old.

      It brings back so much memories!


      • Writing, Society and Culture in Early Rus, c. 950-1300
        Simon Franklin


        • I'm halfway through Crazy 08: How a Cast of Cranks, Rogues, Boneheads, and Magnates Created the Greatest Year in Baseball History by Cait Murphy.

          After that it'll either be Space Captain Smith by Toby Frost or A People's Tragedy: Russian Revolution, 1891-1924 by Orlando Figes.
          One Strikeout is a tragedy, a million Strikeouts are a statistic.
          - "Stallin' Joe" Dshugashvili, Manager of the Moscow Red Stars 1922 - 1953


          • I am currently reading Bran Mak Morn: The Last King by Robert E. Howard.
            "I have never known a combat soldier who did not show a residue of war." --Sergeant Ed Stewart, 84th Division, US Army, WWII


            • For nonfiction I am currently reading Operation Husky: The Canadian Invasion of Sicily by Mark Zuehlke. Very engrossing and reader-friendly.

              For fiction I am just about to start Without Warning by John Birmingham. I hope that I am not disappointed since I really liked his Weapons of Choice and the other 2 books in the trilogy.


              • A Tiger by the Tail
                by T. Wayne Babb

                Interesting read since my Dad was in this squadron.
                "War is sorrowful, but there is one thing infinitely more horrible than the worst horrors of war, and that is the feeling that nothing is worth fighting for..."
                -- Harper's Weekly, December 31, 1864


                • The Ghosts of Cannae: Hannibal and the Darkest Hour of the Roman Republic by Robert L. O'Connell.
                  "The blade itself incites to deeds of violence".




                  • Just finished

                    Just finished

                    Just finished.
                    Look for the ACG review. I'll be writing it over the next day or three.

                    Just started today


                    • 'To The Bitter End' - Rolf Hinze

                      'Command and Control on the Western Front' - Dan Todman and Gary Sheffield (eds)
                      Signing out.


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                        • Battle Of Britain by James Holland.

                          It's a goodish book but takes it's time to get to the actual battle itself. As I said, it is a good book but not as good as his one about the siege of Malta 1940 - 1943 which I would really recommend to anyone.
                          HONNEUR ET FIDÉLITÉ

                          "Believe me, nothing except a battle lost can be half so melancholy as a battle won." - Duke of Wellington at Waterloo.


                          • Striking Back: The 1972 Munich Olympics Massacre and Israel's Deadly Response. by Arron J. Klein.

                            I often think how much easier the world would have been to manage if Herr Hitler and Signor Mussolini had been at Oxford. Lord Halifax


                            • Brushing up my language skills, along with


                              • G.J. Meyer's A World Undone. Really good so far...
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