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New WW2 ebook:Battle of Atlantic Convoy Heroes. 70th Commemoration Edition.

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  • New WW2 ebook:Battle of Atlantic Convoy Heroes. 70th Commemoration Edition.


    Liverpool's 'Battle of Atlantic 70th Commemoration Weekend,' in May (24-27th) 2013, was a great success with over 250,000 visitors descending on Merseyside from all over the world, including USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia (and WW2 surviving veterans in their late eighties and early nineties).

    The port of Liverpool played a key role in the Battle of Atlantic during WW2, over 1,000 convoys sailed into Liverpool, transporting American G.I.s to fight in Europe. Liverpool's seven miles of docks was attacked during the May Blitz in 1941 and 4,000 civilians died. But the people of Liverpool stood up to Hitler and the needs of the convoys continued to be serviced.

    The Battle of Atlantic was the longest naval campaign in WW2. It began on the day war was declared by Britain and finished almost 6 years later. A 100 North Atlantic Convoy battles raged across the Atlantic Ocean, including a 1,000 naval engagements: HMS Hood, the Bismarck and US destroyer ‘Rueben James.’

    The Enigma code-breakers stemmed the tide of Donitz’s U-boat wolf packs. The Western Approaches Operation Centre in Liverpool played a vital role; co-ordinating a safe passage for the North Atlantic convoys; utilising the latest tactics of aerial combat; charting the position of u-boat encounters. The Battle of the Atlantic was crucial to the outcome of WW2.

    If your interested in reading more about ww2 convoys, U-boats and naval warfare for research purposes or a quick read (7,000 words) please click the link below. This new ebook also has the latest photographs and high-lights of Liverpool's 'Battle of Atlantic' weekend.

    30,000 merchant seamen lost their lives in WW2, some as young as 15. It is a tribute to the merchant seamen, who never came back.

    Best Wishes. Alex.

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