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  • Favorite History Book Of All-Time

    If you had to choose one book above all others as your favorite history book of all-time, what would it be? (biographies can be included)

    And now that I've asked the question, I find it very hard to name an all-time favorite. There are so many. Some recent ones come to mind like Ron Chernow's Washington- A Life, Jean Edward Smith's Grant, Richard Evans' Third Reich trilogy and Eric Wittenberg's One Continuous Fight. Older ones like William Shirer's Rise And Fall Of The Third Reich, anything by Winston Churchill, and many, many more.

    But if I had to choose just one (I'm going to cheat), it would Shelby Foote's The Civil War- A Narrative trilogy. While Foote has his detractors and the books lean somewhat towards the South, his writing style is riveting and for the most part he gets his facts right. The Civil War comes alive and you almost feel like you are there as Foote covers just about every aspect of the war. And if he gets some things wrong or comes to a conclusion that you don't agree with, he writes well enough that you want to look up and dig deeper into the subjects.

    I've read all 3 volumes 4 times through and will definitely read them again. A stunning achievement.
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    If I could have only one history book it would have to be the most important ever written, the Bible.
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      Shattered Sword: The Untold Story of the Battle of Midway by Jonathan Parshall and Anthony Tully.
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        Impossibe to choose. I can't see how any person who has read enough books can actually choose among them.
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          My favorite history book?

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            Plato's Republic pretty much summed matters for me in re Shakespeare's "What's passed is prologue" admonition.
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              There are a lot of great books out there but Bruce Catton's Pulitzer Prize winning trilogy on the Army of the Potomac (Mr. Lincoln's Army, Glory Road, and A Stillness At Appomatox) stands out for me.
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                How to Talk to a Climate Skeptic:
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                  Lyn Macdonalds series on the First World War.Until I read her "Somme" in the 80s I had been vaguely interested in military history.This one book seemed to act like a revelation.
                  I'm sure others feel the same about their favourites.


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                    Originally posted by Nick the Noodle View Post
                    It's staring at me now Nick,proudly far too massive for my bookshelves.


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                      John Keegan's First World War

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                        Originally posted by Delenda estRoma View Post
                        Impossibe to choose. I can't see how any person who has read enough books can actually choose among them.
                        I can.
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                            Hannibal's War by John Lazenby.


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                              Do historical novels count? If so then my answer would be Piece of Cake by Derek Robinson.
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