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    Originally posted by CarpeDiem View Post
    I'd wait and get this book in September.

    Where the Iron Crosses Grow: The Crimea 1941-44

    Forczyk is a pretty solid writer.
    Thanks Carpe Matter of fact its already on my wish list
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      Montross' book is for sure a great read! It was at one time required reading for Marine officers candidates. I used it as a source for my Master thesis.


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        Originally posted by ElefantPanzer View Post
        If I could have only one history book it would have to be the most important ever written, the Bible.
        That's not a history book... but thanks for the laugh. It was a good way to start my morning.

        Barbara Tuchman's "The Guns of August" and "The March Of Folly".

        The Heike Monogatari

        Thucydides' "History of the Peloponnesian War"
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          Harvard's Civil War by Richard Miller is my favorite. It is about the 20th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment that fought in the 2nd Corps during the American Civil War.

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            Blood and Thunder

            Blood and Thunder - An Epic of the American West by Hampton Sides


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              Originally posted by The Ibis View Post
              This bass guitar kills TERRORISTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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                I have too many. Longknife and Sea to Shining Sea by James Alexander Thom. Six Wives of Henry VIII, I like several by Alison Weir. I also like The Killer Angels and Gods and Generals.
                I have a collection of books on the druids, and ancient Rome. So I cannot just name one.
                This bass guitar kills TERRORISTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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                  Originally posted by TDurden View Post
                  Thanks Carpe Matter of fact its already on my wish list
                  I came across the listing on amazon yesterday, and it seems that amazon itself has the book permanently (?) discounted at $9.90. "New" marketplace copies are also fairly inexpensive now.


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