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New ebook:Arctic convoys WW2. Battle of North Cape & Sinking of Scharnhorst.

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  • New ebook:Arctic convoys WW2. Battle of North Cape & Sinking of Scharnhorst.


    I've just written a new ebook about the Arctic Convoys of WW2. My late father, John Richards signed up as a merchant seaman on board the 'Fort Astoria.' He was part of convoys JW55B/JW55A that led to the Battle of North Cape and the sinking of the Scharnhorst, with the loss of nearly 2,000 German sailors.

    You can see it (at a low cost) on Amazon Kindle: type in Alex Devaney ebooks Amazon. I write short ebooks (3-5000 words) about true WW1/WW2 stories. They are packed with maps, photographs and leading personalities of the day.

    The British Navy, American Navy and Canadian Navy was involved in the Russian Convoys from 1941-45. The arctic convoys endured sub zero temperatures, heavy bombardment from the luftwaffe and u boats as they sailed around nazi occupied Norway. They brought vital war material to the Russian ports of Murmansk and Archangel, to help Stalin's army to fight the germans enaged on the Eastern Front.

    The arctic convoy ebook is the second in a series of convoy ebooks. The first: The Malta convoy (70th tribute 2012) covered the journey of my late grandfather, Thomas Smedley, who sailed on the Brisbane Star, one of a handful of ships that survived the bombardment to Malta, as it brought vital aid to the starving maltese population.

    This ebook has been very popular world wide, so I hope readers will appreciate the arctic ebook, which is a 70th tribute (Dec.1943) to my late father and all arctic convoy heroes. The next ebook in the series will be the North Atlantic Convoy, another 70th Anniversary for May 2013.

    If anyone is interested in reading the arctic convoy ebook a quick two line review would be most welcome by the author.

    Best Wishes

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