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The Man Who Saved The Union

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  • The Man Who Saved The Union

    Just picked up this book. Can't wait to get started, should be an excellent read
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    I just received this book as a Christmas present, started reading it last night, so far so good.

    I have never read any of Brands books but I like his writing. If I like the book the whole way through I already "wish-listed,"a couple of his other books I would like to read.


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      Grant surly played a big part in saving the Union, for which I'm grateful, however if one person should be singled out it would have to be Lincoln.
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        Lincoln is the one man in the right place at the right time in order to save the Union.

        However, others, such as Grant (along with Halleck who promoted and protected Grant) had a large hand in it. No Grant, no Vicksburg which was more important strategically than Gettysburg was. Further, the western theater was being won by the Halleck-Grant team (and later the Grant-Sherman team after Halleck was booted up to Washington) when the war in the east was bloodily indecisive until Gettysburg and then Grant was moved east.

        The Lincoln-Grant partnership (which is subtely brought out in the new movie 'Lincold' by the way) was the decisive partnership of the war.

        The question I have about the book, though, is it as good as Catton's study fifty years ago?

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        Moved earth and heaven; that which we are we are; One equal temper of heroic hearts
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          Looks like a good one.
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